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Muay Thai.


Experience Muay Thai: The Art of Eight Limbs at Chau Kaizen.

Muay Thai, often referred to as the "art of eight limbs," is a dynamic and versatile martial art that encompasses fists, elbows, knees, and shins. At Chau Kaizen, we offer Muay Thai classes that will challenge you both mentally and physically.

Muay Thai Free Trial Class; for own safety new trials are to complete 6pm Kickboxing class first to be assessed and ensure a minimum proficiency in technique and pad holding before being allowed to trial Muay Thai

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Experience the Intensity of Our Muay Thai Classes

Our Muay Thai classes are known for their medium to high intensity. From skipping and hitting pads to working with heavy bags and engaging in clinching and sparring, each session will push your limits and help you build exceptional fitness and fighting skills.

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Ready to challenge yourself and unleash your potential?

Whether you're a seasoned Muay Thai practitioner or brand new to the art, our classes are designed to accommodate individuals of all experience levels. Our instructors are dedicated to helping you refine your technique, enhance your fitness, and develop your fighting spirit, no matter where you start.

Join our Muay Thai classes at Chau Kaizen and experience the thrill of this powerful martial art in a safe, positive, and supportive training environment.

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